London Freelance Chefs and London Relief Chefs are an eclectic mix of professionals you will ever find. Having had the privilege of working in and around the Capital with many a fine freelance Chef for years we rate ourselves as a bit of an expert. would like to announce we have migrated London freelance/ Relief Chefs to areas of the UK far away from the pull and heddy mix of the exiting London restaurant scene. I hear you ask “How did you manage that” and to this we say…….


“We are growing our Chef base extremely quickly and attracting some fine individuals with skill sets far more suited to lets say, the less shouty and more relaxed kitchens around the UK. Our clients expect the best and recieve the best and when we mention those most important words like Calm, Relaxed, Easy Going and Approachable the relief in tone is audible”


We say to you, London freelance Chefs and London Relief Chefs, “jump on board and not exactly see the world but meet and work in an array of Beautiful Country Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants North of your border, spread your apparell and where ever you lay your toque for a week or two thats your home.