A winter warmer if ever there was one to chase the chills away, braised chicken in a traditional Burgundy Red wine. It would be a surprise to find a specific date for the first ever reported tasting but suggestions seem to point to a moment in the 1800s a recent cookbook recalls a French recipe, ” poulet au vin Rouge” (chicken in Red wine), which is a parallel to traditional coq-au-vin. But the recipe really grew famous thanks to the likes of “The galloping Gourmet ” Graham Kerr who arguably almost single-handedly popularised French cuisine with his late 1960s 70s cooking show along with other delicious classics, sole meuniere, beef bourguignon.

We at Chefingcrisis certainly sing the praises of any modern British Chef that can turn there hand to classic dishes such as these and do them proud. Bring them back Chefs, Let them grace our Menus once again.